Most of the times ecommerce web traffic marketing struggle with low conversion, high abandonment and a lot of uncompleted “Add to Cart” trips. One thing that we easily forget is that there is another human being on the other side of our website statistics report trying to achieve a goal by buying something that she needs. This visitor, who is ready to buy, has her own fears, uncertainties and doubts collectively termed as a buyer anxiety which hits most of the stores on the web. If this anxiety is perceived properly and converted into confidence, a lot of lost sales would have meant dollars in your bank account. Let us see how some simple steps when followed on an ecommerce website could help you get more out of your existing website traffic.

Professional Look and Feel but a Personal Touch

There are two seemingly opposite factors at play here. As soon as the visitor lands on the site, it is the design of your website that does all the talking. Clear fonts, high resolution images, strong web copy and a professional looking logo do a lot to ameliorate any fears that the website visitors have. With the era of search engines at full bloom and most of your competitors at just a click away, it is reasonable to expect that there would be a lot of “weighing” that your website visitors would do before taking a buying decision.

The anonymity on the web has led to the growth of many types of businesses and gray is a color of a lot of them. With the awareness increasing, most of the web users try to drive at a safe distance from ecommerce stores which do not have any real name of a face behind them. In many cases, they’ll like to ensure that your online marketplace is backed up by a real storefront or a physical office. An informative “About Us” page or a highly visible “Company” web traffic marketing section can bring to light the personalities behind your ecommerce site. Images of your office, photos of your managers/employees and latest news items tell visitors that they are dealing with real people.

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Intuitive Navigation

How you make visitors traverse through your website has its implications on the final place where they end up on your site; and it may be the thank you page too if elements are properly implemented. A proper mix of global vs. in-content links helps you in letting people choose their own way on your website. If you label your hyperlinks properly, their way could be your way; the route you want them to take. Make sure that you do usability testing and address the concerns of misleading hyperlinks on a higher priority.

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You need to give assurances throughout your site and specifically near the call to action items like “Add to Cart” or “Download Now” buttons. As soon as the visitor lands on your site a “Trusted” seal by a reputed third party, a BB accreditation, a DUNS logo or a safe site by anti hack/anti-malware solutions providers works magic. Also ensure that you properly display your money back guarantees (if any), the item availability, and the shipping details (along with various shipping options). Visitors always wonder if their order would be fulfilled in time and if they are getting what they want. If you assure them properly, chances of their completing a transaction increase substantially and you get your due.


Reiterate Your Assurances

This could have easily been a second paragraph in the above point but believe me, it is a different point web traffic marketing altogether.  While you have made them comfortable while taking action, completion of the order is a step in itself. The customer might have 5 Firefox tabs opened and must be comparing multiple sites at a time or they may be working from their office completing other work too. You need to make sure that you repeat all the assurances once again on the checkout page.


Unleashing What Comes Next and When

Sending you an inquiry through a contact form should tell the visitor about what your next step would be and when. Would you be calling that person or would there be an email replay? What can they do in case they don’t hear from you in a specified time, say 24 hours? Assure them through each and every possible means that you know about their needs and you would fulfill it in the least possible time, with a big smile on your face.

In a nutshell, think like a web user yourself and divide the process of a purchase in different steps. Think about all the steps in the process, the things that may make the user interested or disinterested and build your screens/pages copy accordingly.

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