Marketing & Creative Services

Whether you’re a marketing manager simply needing some extra help, or if you don’t have a marketing staff and need us to manage your marketing for you, Ocular’s marketing and creative team is here to help. We can work with you in any role you desire.

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Many of our clients hire us for specific projects or individual tasks such as:

  • Creating brochures or other marketing materials
  • Developing a direct marketing program
  • Designing tradeshow booths or displays and banners
  • Putting together ads or managing a campaign
  • Providing graphic design or writing assistance
  • Marketing Managers like to hire us as an extension of their department, to work as their personal graphic designer, copy writer or marketing assistant.
  • Marketing Creative Services
  • Smaller companies who do not have an in-house marketing staff, and want a cost-effective resource to take their marketing to the next level, hire us as their own “Virtual Marketing Department”.