We all know the importance of the home page in the Important page entire scheme of the website. It is generally the first (and in many cases, the only) page that a visitor goes through on your Important page. The several functions that the home page has to perform involve:

  • Introducing your website and defining its purpose
  • Giving a brief outline of what’s inside.
  • Accommodating the search box.
  • Displaying regularly updated content.
  • Highlighting daily deals and special offers.
  • Sign in/Register functionalities.
Besides, the home Important page also needs to appeal and engage visitors with its well-crafted design and concise content. Given all this, it becomes an unsaid compulsion that the home page of every website be designed with utmost care and planning. Here are a few things to keep in mind that would help you enhance its performance:
  • Your website is the identity of your brand, and the home page is the identity of your website. Even in a brief manner, your home page should convey all necessary information regarding your brand and your site. It should answer all queries that a user can have when he lands on your site, like “What website is this?” or “What are these guys offering and where do I find it?” It should also be able to highlight your uniqueness to the visitors.

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  • Make effective use of the small welcome section on the home page. This section is present on a “top-fold” position and is among the first elements that visitors scan after landing on the home page. Many site owners fill this space with wordy stuff like mission statements that no visitor wants to read. Whereas this space can be effectively used for introducing your website.
  • Imagine the challenge of summing up your whole brand into less than ten words. That is exactly what your tagline does. It needs to be short but informative, and should clearly highlight how your brand stands apart from the rest. Your visitors use it to derive a preliminary understanding of what your website is and if it can meet their requirements. So, a lot of thought and discussion should go into the process of building your website’s tagline. Don’t want to spoil the first impression, do we?
  • Your homepage should also explain the website’s navigation. Basically, it is the starting point of your website, and it really must act like one, showing the users their way ahead. The visitor must know which section or link he needs to follow for finding his desired information or services.
The design and link placement on the home page must be planned strategically. Any home page link is bound to attract more traffic than an ordinary inner page link. But this does not mean that you should advertise all aspects of your website right on the home page. And as with the dish that got spoiled due to too many cooks, too many links can actually negate the performance of your home page. Be bold, but also practical; put your home page web design under several tests before finalizing it, and you are sure to harness the maximum from your website’s home page.
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