Ideally, your content marketing strategy will consist of various tasks that must be executed in an organized fashion to ensure your overall marketing goals are achieved. This is where an editorial calendar is invaluable.

An editorial calendar is like a map to a destination you want to embark on. Having a map makes you feel relaxed and helps you become more focused on your journey. In the same way, an editorial calendar tailored to your content marketing campaign can help you organize and navigate through a seemingly overwhelming series of tasks in a structured way in order to reach your goals.

Below are five simple steps that you can use to build a calendar for your marketing program.

Step 1: Identify the Main Objective of Your Editorial Calendar

Determine the overall goal of your business. For example, a tourism business with a blog will want to serve as a resource for travelers and tourists. In this case, the business’ editorial calendar will be tailored to traveling insurance, flight information, affordable hotels in different locations, and holiday programs during vacation periods.

All these categories will be featured on specific dates on the editorial calendar. The same concept can be applied to your content marketing strategy, too.

Step 2: Assign Tasks to Dates in Your Editorial Calendar

Match every single task of your strategy to specific dates – days, weeks or months — on your calendar. For example, you may decide to publish a few blog posts in the first week of a month, submit press releases the following week, and upload videos and other content formats in subsequent weeks.

Step 3: Fill Your Calendar with Relevant Activities

Strive to fill up your editorial calendar with relevant activities that will help move your business to your desired goal. Make your calendar flexible in such a way that will allow you to change or eliminate certain tasks that you have deemed ineffective in your marketing strategy. Also, make it possible to add new profitable strategies that you discover along the way.

Step 4: Develop an Organizational Spreadsheet

To make your marketing strategy more workable, develop a spreadsheet, or an Excel document, that outlines every single detail of your strategy. These may include which date to post on your blog, what type of content to post and at what time, etc.

In addition, assign your researched and brainstormed materials to specific dates of when to work on them. Below is a picture of how your calendar may look.

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Step 5: Review Your Editorial Calendar Frequently

Review your calendar at the end of every day, week, or month to measure your progress and to determine which tasks have been very effective and which ones have not. This way, you’ll be able to make changes in your calendar quickly and improve on the strategies that appeared effective.

Finally, with a content marketing strategy in place, an editorial calendar will make your marketing campaign much more feasible. Also, you’ll discover a lot of strategies and ideas that will help enhance your marketing effort and improve your business along the way.

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